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the motivation behind pp-labs devices

PPTC (Producing & Performance ToolChain) by pp-labs is designed to capture your creativity in Ableton Live and bring some of those funky moments of producing & performing music under effortless control. Like one of those moments when you run around in your studio and tweak a sound on some synth and suddenly everything feels in place or when you progress a melody part to another and you feel the song developing in the right way. PPTC lets you capture these moments for instant recall later, by turning your creativity into presets – allowing enhancement of your personal workflow, unburdened from its underlying complexities.


Some valuable experience & thorough observing of the process of making sounds, arranging parts, jamming with other musicians and performing songs or sets has inspired the PPTC. A big part of the thinking involved aims to make the complex context of a live set accessible through an easy workflow.

One of the creative aspects of Production are the happy accidents that have terrific sonic results. PPTC captures your workflow – allowing you to recall these moments, rather than trying to recreate them. The funky aspect here is by organizing creativity into presets – you don’t lose creative possibilities but instead these are increased because you can combine, choose or judge on a much higher level than without the abstraction layer of a preset.

Thus, PPTC simplifies ongoing production decision-making, allowing you to utilize and expand on your personal workflow and creative output, rather than continually trying to recreate, map, and manipulate it across your tracks and projects. PPTC enables you to simultaneously dive into the depths of your workflow, while allowing you to add deeper abstractness on the Meta-Preset level. Your ability to customize and control your workflow is central to your “individual” sound – you can think of PPTC as your personal Sonic Mind Map. It allows to progress from the details of sound design up to the level of composition and arrangement of a musical piece in small and easily manageable steps. It can be applied on a micro scale to create pattern-variations and on a bigger part- or song-scale for laying out an arrangement.

As the PPTC preset workflow is not bound to one instrument or effect it can be applied in every stage of production from sound design to final mastering.


PPTC applies the concept of controlling a user defined set of parameters through a Preset System.

The word “preset” is usually associated with a setting of all parameters of a sound device. What a preset does is simplifying a complex structure of settings into one simple value that can hold much more musical information or emotion than one of the parameters of a sound device alone. Another name that is used for something very similar to a preset is the word “pattern”. It’s usually used to refer to a timed sequence of events like a melody, in contrast to a “preset” which is more commonly used to refer to a set of i.e. synth parameters. A pattern can also be seen as a preset. Basically everything you do in music can be seen as creating a preset. Looking upon things like that, simplifying your creative process into presets allows you to advance your creativity – auditioning new instruments, samples, FX into a given workflow is now simple, while preserving the overall chain you’ve assembled.

The Preset System enables thinking and working in a controlled way on all levels of a live set, from i.e. the detailed work on the layers of a bass sound to the progression of the arrangement, which can be combined and exchanged fluidly to simplify finding the right settings for complex sets of parameters in the bigger context of the whole live set.
This Preset System hides the details where you don’t need them but lets you go back into all detail at any later moment.

With PPTC your Creativity becomes a Preset, a way to Drag-and-Drop your own sonic personality into your workflow, modifying, modulating, and expanding it – rather than being subservient to its underlying, time-consuming aspects.

to be continued …

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