MAXFORLIVE devices with a vision


develop & perform sounds and fx in realtime


trackPresets is made to optimize your workflow when creating or improvising sounds and effects. It lets you look upon any combination of instruments or effects in a track as one entity. By reducing the whole lot of device parameters present in a track to one single preset, the sound of a track turns into an effectively performable parameter.


Choose some instruments and/or effects in a track.
Tweak parameters in any of the tracks devices to your liking.
Save a preset.
Recall your settings with the push of a button.

trackPresets enables you to develop your sounds and arrangements without breaking the musical flow.

  • saves parameters of instruments, audio effects and VST plugins (for configured parameters) in a track
  • presets can be triggered, saved and deleted via Ableton Push 1, Ableton Push 2, Launchpad/MINI “user2” mode or midinotes from any midicontroller
  • supports 16 presets for 98 songs, which are globally switchable
  • works in midi tracks, audio tracks and rack chains
  • is a MAXFORLIVE device
  • requires Ableton Live Suite 9 or Live 9 Standard + MAXFORLIVE
  • tested on MS Windows 8/10 and OSX 10.11

trackPresets is part of pp-labs’
producing & performance toolchain. Purchase pptc at the Isotonik Studios shop.

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