MAXFORLIVE devices with a vision


organize device settings and scenes into songs


songSwitch can switch between songs in a set. A song restores all presets created for that song and the launchpad grid position. A playlist of songs in the set can be mapped to a launchpad.

  • enables organisation of a scenes and presets into songs
  • can be used to make a playlist
  • songs in the playlist can be triggered via Ableton Push 1, Ableton Push 2, Launchpad/MINI “user2” mode or midinotes from any midicontroller
  • is a MAXFORLIVE device
  • requires Ableton Live Suite 9 or Live 9 Standard + MAXFORLIVE
  • tested on MS Windows 8/10 and OSX 10.10

songSwitch is part of pp-labs’
producing & performance toolchain. Purchase pptc at the Isotonik Studios shop.

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