MAXFORLIVE devices with a vision


save & recall clip combinations across scenes


playingClips lets you save and recall the triggered Clips in your liveset at any moment in time.

It simplifies the process of organizing your clips and arranging them into songs, but can also be used as a tool for creatively jamming out or creating clips.

  • save and recall triggered Clips
  • presets can be triggered, saved and deleted via Ableton Push 1, Ableton Push 2, Launchpad/MINI “user2” mode or midinotes from any midicontroller
  • supports 16 presets for 98 songs, which are globally switchable
  • is a MAXFORLIVE device
  • requires Ableton Live Suite 9 or Live 9 Standard + MAXFORLIVE
  • tested on MS Windows 8/10 and OSX 10.10

playingClips is part of pp-labs’
producing & performance toolchain. Purchase pptc at the Isotonik Studios shop.

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