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2017-Dec-10: pptc v3 manual

The manual for pptc v3 is online, with info about all pptc devices and many advanced workflow tips. Please, let us know anything which could be improved.

trackpresets help screen


2017-Nov-02/03: We Are Robots!

Chris will perform at the Ableton booth. Drop by to see pptc v3 in action, and say hello. We are looking forward to meet you!



2017-Oct-11: pptc v2 beta end of life

Apparently the old v2 beta became incompatible with the latest Ableton Live v7.3.4, so we removed it from the download page. If you still need it for some old project, please get in touch.


2017-Aug-30: pptc v3 beta 6

getting into a continuos delivery mode …. beta 6 is there, with a number of bugfixes. Again saving presets requires start/stop (to fix this, we have to chose between a save button, a separate file for pptc data, or begging Cyclinton for a savebang – all three options are, uhm)


2017-Aug-21: pptc v3 beta 5 update

Aaaand another one. Bugfixes with set loading, and macro handling. Btw. this version still needs the play/stop workaround…


2017-Aug-04: pptc v3 beta 3


  • lots of set loading errors
  • trackpresets lost parameters when moved, grouped etc
  • errors with certain parameter names/other m4l-devices


  • try to better workaround Abletons control surface API in case anything changes in menu etc.
  • smaller memory usage optimizations
  • helpscreens updated

Download for existing customers only, get it here.


2017-May-13: pptc v3 beta 2

Lots of fixes and large progress in RAM consumption and startup time: pptc v3 beta 2. The are also a few features

  • add automation parameter for preset number
  • add possibility to save or load trackPresets as .adv preset
  • you can save and recall global bpm and groove amount when using songSwitch playlist


2017-Apr-07: pptc v3 beta 1


we have just uploaded a first beta release of
pptc3. feel free to play around with it and
share any issues you stumble across.
most important, thanks for all the valuable input
we received over the last months!



2016-Nov-21: testing pptc v3

Morph transition between two extreme snapshots 🙉 Notice that mixer parameter are included – this will be optional in v3.


2016-Oct-23: Max for Live 7.3.1 hotfix released 👍

Max 7.3.1 resolves issues with pptc v2.0 BETA – control surface selection works again as expected.

2016-Oct-11: New pptc v1.509

Due to an issue with Max for Live 7.3.0, the names of the controllers were not displayed correctly anymore. The new version pptc v1.509 comes with a workaround. If you are with pptc v2.0 BETA, we kindly ask you to stick a little longer with Max 7.2.5… v2 will be replaced with our shiny new v3.

2016-Aug-24: man pptc

pptc finally got a proper manual, with many workflow tips and ideas how to get the most (fun & productivity) out of the pptc devices. It is available online, or in pdf format.

2016-Aug-20: We’re moving to the next level!

Very happy to announce that we joined the Isotonik Studios collective. The good folks at Isotonik Studios create impressive Max4Live devices which, if you use Ableton Live and a range of popular controllers, are more than worth checking out. Find our new page here:
PPTC – Producing & Performance ToolChain.

isotonik logo

2016-Aug-02: pptc 2.0 BETA

the next pptc version is now in beta test. If you are a user of pptc1, you can request the beta version at the update page. Please check out the known issues before installing, they are listed in the release notes.

Preset travelling is one of the new features you’ll get.
Highlights are:

  • multiple control surfaces support, each individually configurable
  • support APC Mini (shift+7th scene button to activate pptc)
  • support Launchpad Pro (User button to activate pptc)
  • generic midi controller support: virtual 8×8 grid and slider which can be midi-learned from any midi controller.
  • preset travelling: morphing between track presets. set & change recalled percentage of presets. Can be controlled with push touch strip or by a midi-mapped knob.
  • note scrambler device: midieffect that scrambles incoming notes, to make realtime variations of existing midiclips. usable from grid controller, use longpress to generate a new variation
  • grid mute device: mutes incoming midi notes, mutes can be controlled from grid controller, presetable with trackPresets
  • meta presets: super write switch, if used, saving a preset is propagated to all managed devices

2016-Jul-08: instant haus with pptc 1.5

There is an issue with trackPresets v1.507 and some Max for Live devices which use the same parameter names multiple times (unfortunately detected with instant haus). We fixed that for pptc2. If you need a fix right now, please get in contact, we can provide a workaround.

2016-Jun-15: launchpad works again with beta Ableton Live

According to the release notes of Ableton Live 9.6.2b4, user 2 mode is fixed.

2016-Jun-02: pptc with Ableton Live 9.6.2 beta

If you’re using the Ableton Live beta versions 9.6b1, 9.6b2 (and eventually in newer versions also), you may experience issues with User 2 mode on the Novation Launchpad. The lights of the buttons are in misorder. But we’re happy to hear from Ableton that the issue will be fixed.

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